Tonight at 8:00PM

Lars Callieou
with Daryl Makk

In 2005 James Moore and Lars Callieou worked a weekend at Lafflines in Vancouver, BC.  It was Lars’ first headline weekend in a club and the first time he met Mr. Moore.  After a delightful weekend filled with laughs and lager, James and Lars became friends.  Like most people, when Lars sees James Moore, it makes him smile.  James is the kind of guy who  makes you want to rush over to say hello, give him a handshake, a smile, a hug.  Which Lars always does.  After seeing how hard James worked to make CMN a success, Lars decided he wanted to help.  So he took his Comedy Monday Night T-shirt around the world with him.  And took pictures with the shirt in places he thought it would look cool (places like IRAQ, Grand Cayman, Portland, Las Vegas and… even Hell).  A little piece of Calgary and Comedy Monday Night travels with Lars wherever he goes.  It’s always an honour to play CMN, most touring Canadian Comics have been on that stage.  It’s something Lars looks forward to each time he’s invited.

Oh yeah, and Lars has been to Just for Laughs, has a comedy special and even a couple of tours of IRAQ under his belt.  He thinks that’s all pretty cool too.

Daryl Makk

Daryl Makk has led a fairly nomadic life. With a father who’s promotions at work often meant a new home he graced 8 schools in his 12 years of grade school. His continuous string of new homes proved to be great training for his entertainment travels later on in life. Being able to adapt to new surroundings has became second nature to him.

He entered into comedy in 1993 after winning a contest in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (where he was living at the time), since then he has gone on to to achieve success with his own Comedy Now one hour special on The Comedy Network and several other TV appearances. He has been on CBC radio. XM satellite radio often airs his first album Herding the sheeple. He has appeared twice at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival and has done tours across Canada, in the UK, Costa Rica and Australia. During his tour in Australia he appeared at the prestigious Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Daryl does many corporate shows, fundraisers and cruise ship appearances. He is also a writer currently working on a book based on his travels and has written articles that have been published in various newspapers and magazines.


Our shows take place every Monday night in Calgary, Alberta, Canada starting at 8:00PM in Broken City Social Club.

Comedy Monday Night in the News

A heckler tries stand-up comedy…

Comedy Monday Night doesn’t often have hecklers in the crowd – the show is built around the ability for comedians to try new things and to experiment and interruptions just aren’t conducive to that. But it does happen. One night, the heckler was challenged to see if he could perform stand-up comedy. The results were filmed, put on YouTube and have been watched over a quarter of a million times!