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Thanks for dropping by the Comedy Monday Night website!

We can’t wait to see you at one of our shows soon, but not right now! Broken City, our home venue for more than a dozen years, closed for renovations on November 01, 2022!

Currently, we don’t have a date for the completion of the construction work, but heavy construction is underway right now.

Unfortunately, until we are able to relaunch, we can’t accept any new requests for first timers, or accept any bookings for comics, we’re sorry to report. Until then, we encourage you to keep stopping by for relaunch updates, or visit our social media pages and groups on FB or IG!

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Our shows take place every Monday night in Calgary, Alberta, Canada starting at 8:00PM in Broken City Social Club.

Comedy Monday Night in the News

A heckler tries stand-up comedy…

Comedy Monday Night doesn’t often have hecklers in the crowd – the show is built around the ability for comedians to try new things and to experiment and interruptions just aren’t conducive to that. But it does happen. One night, the heckler was challenged to see if he could perform stand-up comedy. The results were filmed, put on YouTube and have been watched over a quarter of a million times!